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As a photographer's wife, I've seen other "workshops" that seemed more like
strip clubs with expensive camera equipment.  And, those workshops operate
under the same concept of "tipping".  Only those "models" expect $50's and
want it BEFORE they get naked!
I was so impressed by the professionalism of your entire workshop weekend.
All the arrangements were organized before our arrival, wives and companions
were welcomed warmly, and the meet and greet with the models before the
shoots started was lovely.  Your bevy of beauties turned out to be talented
young women who reminded us all of our daughters, nieces, or neighbors.
There was plenty for me to do while Steven was off taking pictures, so even
though I was invited to join your outing, I was glad I stayed behind for my
massage and facial!
Steven was thrilled with all the images he had to work with when we arrived
home. And I'm thrilled with what he learned from you about lighting.  He's
taken 10 years off my face when he photographs me now using the Bill Lemon
method.  And the posing techniques he learned have taken 10 years and 20
pounds off my butt!
I'm glad he's signed up for another workshop.  And you can bet your longest
lens that I'll be there too!
Alexandra Harp




I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for an excellent weekend of training and shooting.  This is my second Workshop with you and like the first I learned and expanded my own range of work under your watchful eye which is precisely what I wanted.  The location you arranged in Tucson was just a blast to work in.  The models were just uniformly excellent!  All dedicated, hard working and just simply fun to be around.  I have to say I enjoyed the interaction with my fellow photographers as well.  The "collection" of you, your assistants, the models and photographers put together some great creative and working chemistry that made for an amazing weekend of creativity and learning.
Thanks for all your dedication to putting on such a program and I look forward to working again with you and the group in New York this summer.


I have to once again say thanks for the weekend, your help and you knowledge, and one can not forget the laughs.

I am now thinking about a weekend in San Fran.  seems to me to be the best solution.    so I am going to compose a list of items that I want to learn about, and I hope that you will add to that as I am sure that I will miss some important stuff

And don't forget that I am signed up for next years shoots already.

Have a great day drive safe on the way back to San Francisco.

George Brunt

Bill: Once again I want to thank you for hosting a great photo experience. this time models where a bomb, and they couldn't be better.

As always the staff was very helpful and ready to help out during the shots.

This was my 3rd workshop but not only I kept on having fun, but I kept on learning new techniques from you. this is something that makes me want to look for more workshops and keep on coming all the way down from Mexico.




Let me start off by saying being a newbie to the photography business the workshop you provided me with a plethora of information that you can only get with a hands on instruction that you provided.  The models you provided were top notch.  They were true professionals and helped me learn a variety of things also.  The location in Roscoe was the perfect backdrop to a perfect weekend.  By the end of the weekend I felt not only enriched with knowledge but also I felt I made friends.  The Hilfiger family made all of us feels so welcome as guests in their beautiful home and I believe they went above and beyond what I expected.  You surround yourself with professionals and it shows.  I hope to someday be fortunate enough to attend another of your workshops and your books are on top of my list for must-reads.  Thanks again and I look forward to the day I get to work with you again. 

Jeff V 


BTW - The workshop was fantastic! In fact, it was far better than I expected or anticipated.
A very heartfelt thanks to you, the models and our wonderful hosts, Bobby and Joanne Hilfiger for 
the organization and incredible shooting location.
Kind Regards,
Chris Clark

Bill - Having just completed my 1st Bill Lemon workshop and

having taken others I can say Bill

gives you your money\\\'s worth and more. It is his goal to teach

you to be a better photographer. A

true gentleman, professional and from before the workshop and

after he is making sure you are getting

the experience you expect. The models he selects are of the same

caliber and strive to please every

photographer in giving them showcase images. An experience I

won\\\'t forget and will plan to do

again, the man is a wealth of knowledge.

Steven Harp