About Bill Lemon Photography

Bill Lemon Photography is a very active commercial studio. Between conducting  workshops on fashion and glamour photography around the country, Lemon is busy photographing everything from engine parts, jewelry, and dinnerware to fashion layouts. He also is the author of two books "Black & White Model Photography" &" Nude & Beauty Photography".

The studio is rather small compared to others-with a shooting area of 15 by 40 feet, with old barn wood and stucco walls, but what it lacks in size, it makes up in quality.

Lemon, who started his photography career in 1981, has shot assignments for many large companies and top publications, including Chevron, Mervyns, Marin Apparel Co., The Shirts Co., GR Media, Alpha Vista Inc., Bez Ambar Diamonds, Shutterbug, American Photo, Redbook Magazine, Napa Valley Appellation, Studio Photography, Commerical Image, Amherst Media, Photography Information Council, and the California State Parks.

His passion for fashion and beauty is evident in his work, as is, his ability to capture the essence of the product, subject, and atmosphere all in one shot.